We live in an era of constant change and unavoidable visual violence. The boundaries between digital marketing, design, content, technology, advertising, and other disciplines are blurred. Consumers became a medium on a global scale. These exciting times require organisations to come up with new solutions.

Hello, we are 310k,

A multidisciplinary studio collective - founded in April 2003 by Ivo Schmetz (NL) and Paul Rickus (UK) - operating on a global level from our head quarters in Amsterdam. We create relevant work and ideas that provoke and help our clients drive business, build loyal communities and reshape mindsets. We translate our creative thinking into realistic concepts and execute them with our network of creatives from all around the world. 310k will always make the most effective use of time, budgets, assets and our team’s and network’s multidisciplinary talents.

We prefer to have one-to-one contact with our clients and value an open and personal approach.

Jan Hanzenstraat 39-41
1053SK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Email: puremagik@310k.nl
Ivo Schmetz
Phone: +31 (0)622 616 985
Email: we@310k.nl
Paul Rickus
Email: me@310k.nl

Our expertises are:

Guided by a core group of creatives, we translate our and your ideas into detailed concepts. We develop concepts for brands, events, music videos, online and offline campaigns, festivals and other projects in order to build a relationship between you and the consumers of your product, service, activity or location. Meaningful relationships are created through meaningful content and concepts!

We started in 2003 as a graphic design agency. Even though a lot has changed, we still believe that a well-designed visual identity is key for the success of a brand, event or organisation. That’s why we translate concepts and strategies into a fresh, contemporary design that communicates the core values of your brand.

We are foremost designers and concept artists instead of traditional film makers. This reflects into a surprising and meaningful meltdown of direction and art direction. Just like our customers our services are versatile. We offer concept, direction and art direction but also high-end digital animation, visual effects and sound. We cover all aspects needed for the pre and post production of creative content like commercials, film, music videos and brand films.

310k is an innovation driven creative agency embedding the latest technologies in campaigns, events and products. We help bring stories to the digital audience. Creating content that inspires, informs, invites play, provokes a reaction, and makes you an integral part of the experience. Our expertise in designing and building websites, blogs, apps, newsletters and other digital formats enable brands to get fit for the future. To deliver the most advanced and up to date user interfaces, cms systems, RFID and other technologies we team up with the most talented developers and interaction designers.

With ‘the experience’ as the starting point we create, produce, design and communicate identities through memorable events and environments. Events are the ultimate multimedia expression. Every individual part works together to create a full media and tailor-made experience. 310k has many years of experience in creating exciting parties, shows, product presentations, markets and brainstorms.